MD Anderson Week 2: Donating All of My Blood to Science

Results day.

I suddenly feel like a contestant on The Biggest Loser, except that I’m trying to shed Leukemic cells instead of pounds. If feeling ill is any indication of success, it’s easy to stand on the scale and assume that I’m the big winner for the week.

As expected, the past seven days has had its ups and downs. DCC-2036 hasn’t been as kind and forgiving as the other drugs. Nausea gives the chemo personality and the occasional headaches indicate that it likes to party. Discomfort is occasionally as unpleasant as it sounds. However, if this is the downside of a life free of uncertainty and chaos, I guess I can get used to it. In the meantime, maybe the Zofran will keep me from waking up every day and thinking I’m pregnant. Continue reading “MD Anderson Week 2: Donating All of My Blood to Science”