Ophthal, Opthal, Optal, Octal…Eye Doctor

I’m starting to feel a lot better about my eyesight. Maybe it’s because I’ve had some time to process the realities that some of the damage done may be permanent. Or maybe it’s because I have hope that they’ll return to normal one day. Either way, I’ve accepted that the way I see now may […]

Week 5: A Marathon of the Mind

Things are starting to become mentally tough. I feel like I’m on mile 20 of 26.2 mile marathon. My legs are getting tired and my mind is starting to wonder. I realize that I can’t turn around. Although, why would I want to? I’m almost to the finish line. This is the battlefield of hope, […]

To See or Not To See

Be thankful for what you have. Tomorrow may bring a different result. “Your field vision test hasn’t shown any improvement. There’s a possibility that the vision impairment is permanent. Your eye pressure was extremely high for days before you came in, and there’s no telling how long it was symptomatic before you even noticed. We […]

Why I Can Embrace My Weakness

Talking about cancer is difficult. In fact, the entire process is one of the most humbling experiences a person can go through.  It’s easy to understand why a lot of people never share their struggles or suffering with others. It’s hard enough to properly communicate the trials and tribulations of a bad day, apart from […]

MD Anderson Week 4: Finding Answers

It seems as if each Tuesday gets exponentially bigger. A month ago, I was excited about starting a new clinical trial that may have been effective against the t315i mutation that has thrown my treatment plan into chaos. Two weeks ago, was the first appointment I’ve had since stopping the trial. I couldn’t see that […]

A Potentially Big Day

This afternoon, around 2:30, we’re having a followup appointment with Dr. Ciurea, my bone marrow transplant doctor. It is likely that we’ll learn if my siblings, or parents, are a match for a transplant that has recently become inevitable. I’ll see Dr. Cortes, my oncologist, around noon. As far as the trajectory of my treatment […]

Writing For MD Anderson’s Cancerwise Blog

I’ve spent a lot of time writing about my leukemia. I’ve been inspired to capture as much of the emotion, humor, appreciation, thankfulness, etc. that I can. I was recently contacted by MD Anderson and asked to write blogs for Cancerwise.org, their online patient-facing blog. I am excited for the opportunity to communicate with so […]

Valentine’s Day at MD Anderson

I didn’t think that our first Valentine’s Day together would be spent at MD Anderson, but Katie and I are thankful, nevertheless. The truth is that it doesn’t matter where you are, or what day on the calendar it is, love should be celebrated daily in your relationship. The demands and seasons of our lives […]

The Fountain of Little Victories

There was a moment during yesterday’s field vision test where I grew discouraged. My head was against a half sphere that reminded me of a personal planetarium. The inside of the dome was broken up into four quadrants and an orange light illuminated midway up the line that divided the top two quarter panels. A […]

The Adventures of Justin McGoo

One of the things I’ve realized since learning that it actually could “happen to me” is that the human mind is fragile. The cancer patient’s mind is even more so. The ophthalmologist appointment confirmed that I am no exception. I would be lying if I told you that my first thought wasn’t a fear that […]