See a World Outside of Your Own

The greatest obstacle to growth is surrounding ourselves with people who think, talk, act, and share the same perspectives we do. As humans, it’s difficult to get away from this natural tendency to gather with like-minded people. It’s much easier to garner an us-against-the-world mentality than to try to understand the hundreds, thousands, even hundreds of thousands different circumstances people encounter growing up.

When I lived in a small town, I often listened to one side of the argument and deeply rooted my opinions based on evidence I listened to every single day. My intentions to understand the world weren’t disingenuous, but I may have disregarded equally deep and valuable opinions from a different perspective. It took a lot of honesty to look at myself and realize I wasn’t as appreciative of different viewpoints as I thought, or even would have liked to be.

Life In a Day is a documentary, produced by Ridley Scott, that compiled 80,000 Youtube submissions from users in 192 different countries. In it, the viewer is allowed a brief glimpse into the world of other people’s lives, from the mundane to the extraordinary. If a film was to ever capture a cross-section of life, this is the perfect example of how it were to be done.

At the end, you’ll be challenged to understand that humans share a special bond, corrupted by both seen and unseen forces of the world. We universally participate in life, happiness, joy, hope, immense sadness, and heartache alike. If we were to better understand and believe in such principle, we could all make a more significant impact against the forces of evil.

I challenge you to watch this documentary sometime today or this weekend. It will provide you a new perspective. The best part about it is that it’s FREE. Search  it on Netflx, or if you want to watch it on your computer, you can stream it here. If you’ve seen it, what do you think?

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