Moving Day

If a big part of life are the moments in between idleness and comfort, then it’s safe to say the past few months for Katie and me has made us thrill-seekers. Professional thrill-seekers at that. If we’re asked to perform any more transitions then we’ll have to rent out a building next to David Copperfield and start selling tickets to make airplanes disappear (I’m looking into it).

Yesterday was moving day. If I forget, the debilitating muscle soreness will quickly bring me back to reality. I feel as though my muscles have been reading Chicken Soup for the Inactive Soul the past few months. I mean really, thanks for nothing. When my neighbors see me, they’ll probably wonder how in the world I aged so fast. Yesterday, I was a semi-vibrant young adult, today my Yoda is two tennis balls on the bottom of a walker to guide my steps and an oxygen tank to nourish my lungs.

The good news is Katie and I can forego the gym membership for the first few months. Our townhouse is three stories, so a majority of what we’re paying for is the use of our legs. It turns out there’s a premium for that. “So this apartment has a fireplace, large balcony, double sinks, and OH, you’ll use your legs.” Sold!

My first few trips up the stairs provided me a lot of inspiration. I was inspired to turn around and do something on the floor I had just left. The first floor garage is a really cool place if you think about it. I’ve never been more inspired by a dark, concrete enclosure. You can really spruce things up down there. Nobody has ever spent enough time in the garage to talk about it, until me.

I’m going to meet with Katie about plastering images of Billy Blanks (Tae Bo instructor, anyone?) on the stairwell walls, sparring gloves and all. Either of him or Jesus. Tony Little didn’t make the cut. With either image, it will serve as a reminder that all of the stair climbing is serving a purpose. In the case of Jesus, I’ll be reminded that if I don’t make it to the second floor kitchen, I’ll at least have the assurance of knowing there’s a comforting place for me in Heaven.

In all seriousness, Katie and I are really excited about our place. I know it will take some time to grow acclimated to the stairs, but we’ve been looking to get into shape and there is no greater catalyst than gravity. As my body begins to rebound, so to will my strength. I’m really looking forward to appreciating muscles not defined by weakness and fatigue.

In three months, God willing, I’ll look back at this post and be even more grateful for the strides my body has made. I’m very thankful for my brother, Andrew, and Robert for taking the time to help us move. Kate and I would have had the toughest time trying to do it all ourselves. You guys are the best. I can’t say it enough, thank you.

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  1. … may not realize that John has a cable outlet in the garage….. (and a TV).. Good luck to you guys…. enjoy this time!

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