I’m starting to feel a lot better about my eyesight. Maybe it’s because I’ve had some time to process the realities that some of the damage done may be permanent. Or maybe it’s because I have hope that they’ll return to normal one day. Either way, I’ve accepted that the way I see now may be my new perfect.

The appointment with the glaucoma specialist went well. Let me define well: I don’t show any signs of glaucoma, the inflammation of my optic nerve head is absent, and after a week off of medication to reduce my eye pressure, the pressure levels are 12 and 11, both normal. It sort of confirms the theory that the trial drug induced my vision problems.

The field vision test still shows that my right eye isn’t doing that great. A lot of the clarity is gone in the top half of my vision. There’s a possibility that it gets better, but over the past three weeks it has been consistently bad. It’s as if somebody went on vacation and left Billy Bob Thornton in charge of my ability to see. I can picture it now; shirt halfway unbuttoned and a beer in his hand, dry humping a pinball machine.

Medically speaking, the optic nerve head is still swollen, or enlarged. He said that the tissue around it appears to be a little discolored and pale, when it should be pink. He wasn’t really able to say much beyond that because more testing and expertise lends itself to a neuro-ophthalmologist, which I will see on Tuesday. For my own sake, I will be glad when I will no longer have to type the word “ophthalmology”. I GET IT, SPELL CHECK!

In the meantime, I’ll be heading home soon, which is the best news ever, even it’s just for a few days.


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