It’s hot.

It’s so hot that even the neighborhood ice cream man parked his cart in the shade and took a knee in the shade.

My oncology appointment is confirmed for next Thursday, august 12 and Friday, August 13 at MD Anderson in Houston.

Katie asked if I was nervous. I am. A little.

I feel as though I’ve been living an unpredictable life since being diagnosed with Leukemia. Nobody can offer a certain outcome. With cancer, we rely on words like likelihood and probability. And that’s how these things go.

Coping with this reality is a lot like breathing. You don’t really have too many life-giving options. And that’s OK.

That can be refreshing or devastating. I choose to see it through a positive lens. I want to help people. Thanks to God, I’m in the process of new experiences. I’m learning, thinking, and praying that I can positively impact lives as a result.

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