Things got kind of crazy for a while. I suppose they always do.

A big move and a new job was enough to get me out of the habit of blogging, but things are starting to slow down again. I feel that this may be the best way to stay connected, if not with others then with myself.

I posted a note on my facebook a couple of days ago that informed my dear friends and family of my recent journey with my Leukemia. I was humbled by the response. I’m always humbled by the response. Here is that note:

As most of you know or have probably heard, I have Leukemia. It is called Chronic Myeloid Leukemia to be exact. I was diagnosed with this illness in January of 2006 and have been on a medication called Gleevec. This drug has done wonders for me throughout the years, but after my last bone marrow biopsy in June my oncologist felt as if we should take a more aggressive approach to my treatment. He suggested that I switch to one of two second generation drugs called Sprycel or Tasigna. We had a long talk about which would would benefit me more before the oncologist stated that he wanted to send off for a blood test to see how the cells were mutating. Because Sprycel and Tasigna work in slightly different ways, it would benefit me if we could determine which one would be the most effective. The test results were supposed to return sometime within two weeks. Although I was a little anxious about switching to a newer drug, I was determined to overcome the illness that has been more of a hindrance on the life that I want to live than it has been helpful. I was determined to do anything.

Wednesday, July 30th was a little over a month since I had that appointment. I finally received a phone call from UT Southwestern. The blood test discovered that I have what is called a t3151 gene mutation and the doctor’s determined that I would soon grow resistant to Gleevec and the 2nd generation drugs that we had previously discussed. They told me that I was being referred to MD Anderson in Houston with the hope that I can be put on a trial treatment. Needless to say, it was an emotional day, filled with more questions that answers. A couple of days later, I’m still unsure of what it all means for me and my future, but I feel that my heart is being prepared for the unknown. And I’m ok.

My quest here is to search out the prayers of those willing to pray for me and my family. It has been tough on us all and I humbly ask that you keep us in your prayers. We are tentatively scheduled for Thursday, Aug 12th & 13th. If I disappear emotionally, just know that I’m putting all of my efforts into getting through this rough period, while learning as much as I can about myself and the things I believe are important in this world. I plan on being a big part of not only my treatment, but of the treatment of so many other individuals who have been a part of this illness, and doing what I can to make a difference. I plan on blogging about all of the experiences and outcomes so that if you want to stay updated from a distance you can, or so that you can visualize your answered prayers. I think that will be a neat, neat thing. Thank you in advance for your thoughts, prayers, and encouragement. I wish I could go into more detail, but as of right now this is all I know. I love you all.


I wrestled with the idea of starting a new blog, but I don’t think I have to have one blog for one thing and another blog for another.

I feel like blending the serious with the not so serious is all a part of the journey.

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