Ted.com is a website I found today, and I lost myself in a lot of the lectures. It’s pretty awesome how any video that catches your attention can be downloaded in mp3 or mpeg (video) format to your iTunes for future use.

Great idea.

Amidst my perusing, I found this video of Billy Graham speaking about technology, faith, and human shortcomings. Even though it was filmed in 1998, it is still relevant today.

Every generation in the history of man has had their technological advances. Diseases are cured, but diseases are also created. We live in a world where everyone knows someone who is affected by cancer, autism, muscular diseases, and so on. We might find cures for those things one day (I hope soon), but Billy Graham speaks on three things we’ll never find cures for:

1) Human Evil
2) Human Suffering
3) Death

I love listening to this man speak. I was lucky enough to get the chance to go to hear him in person a long time ago. With admiration and reverence, I always sit there and take in every word and story. I hope you find time to watch this. He makes even the most simple message powerful.


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