The 35th annual Cowtown – My First 5k



This Saturday, I will run my first ever 5k. Let me set the premise for this post by saying that I’m not a runner. Furthermore, I’m not particularly active when it’s cold. I’m sort of like an insect. You only see me moving around when the weather is nice and warm.

After posting my latest Power My Life blog, however, I was asked by a fellow employee if I wanted to participate in Fort Worth’s 35th annual Cowtown race. Realizing I had a little over a month to prepare, I gave an emphatic yes. After all, my employer, Oncor, encourages its employees to participate in health initiatives by sponsoring those who want to enter an event such as this. In other words, it’s free, and free is always good.

Having just over a month to prepare for the event was the positive that eventually turned into a negative. I began training, stopped, began again, and stopped again. I had a month, right? I just couldn’t stay motivated. With work, school, blogging, and cold temperatures, I thought it would be easier to begin mapping shortcuts throughout the 5k path. My only question was, what should I stock the limo that will get me to the finish line with? Kidding. But seriously, Punxsutawney Phil and I have the same genetic makeup.

On Monday of this week, I knew I had to get it together. My plan was to run for four straight days with a rest day on Friday, in preparation for the event (I know). My first run didn’t go so well. It had been two weeks since I last strapped on my running gear and I could only stomach a little over 2 miles. Not defeated, I ran again on Tuesday. 2.7 miles. I skipped yesterday because I wanted to change my schedule to run in the mornings. This morning, I ran a 5k in 29 minutes.

My goal is to run my 5k on Saturday under 30 minutes. I think that’s reasonable considering that I’ve technically only put in about 7 solid days of running since I decided to sign up a month ago. Or maybe I’m just setting myself up for a huge disappointment. Either way, we’ll find out the next time I run (the official race).

I’ll be number 25330 on race day, but number 1 in your hearts.

See you at the finish line.

  • Julia

    Good Luck Justin!! Do the best you can and be proud of it! Half the battle is just showing up on race day!

    • http://theozunaverse.com/ Justin Ozuna

      Thanks, Jules. I’ll try not to let the near freezing temperatures at the start of the race become my excuse to not break 30 mins. :I

  • Becky

    you go guy……… not to worry… just do the best you can and that will be great……. you’ll be proud of yourself for doing it!!!

  • BK

    5 K appears short compared to 196,850.5 inches but …..Katie is an excellent trainer! Ha!

    • http://theozunaverse.com/ Justin Ozuna

      I think I’ll go with the inches!