Missing A Belt Loop And Other Awkward Encounters

The other morning, I felt dumb. I missed a belt loop on my jeans. It was the kind of jean that has way too many belt loops to begin with. A jean that was designed by someone who overdid the coffee one morning. One that should have gotten the belt loop designer fired. Had he realized how easy it is to feel awkward when you fail to thread your belt within so many loops, he might have decided on a different profession.

I’m not sure why I felt embarrassed. After all, I was alone in the bathroom. Nobody was around and I caught my mistake before anyone noticed. But it reminded me of other things that make us feel dumb, even when we catch them before others do. Here are some otherĀ  scenarios that make us feel the same way:

Getting toothpaste on your shirt and not noticing.
Not having clean laundry and resorting to mismatched socks.
Stumbling over a step.
Noticing your zipper is down, sometime long after you’ve been to the restroom.
Running out of gas.
Eating lunch, having a conversation with someone, then noticing you have something in your teeth.
Waiting in the wrong line.
Walking an item you’ve paid for through a theft device and it going off because it wasn’t deactivated.
Thinking brown shoes are black until the sun reminds you that your place needs better lighting.
Forgetting someone’s name when they remember yours, or worse, calling them by the wrong name.
Responding with “good” when asked what you’ve been up to.
A George Michael or Celine Dion song plays on your shuffled playlist.
You tear up right before the movie ends and you have to walk out of the theater.
You pour a bowl of cereal only to realize you’re out of milk.

Those are just a few of the things I could think of. Can you think of any scenarios that make you feel awkward, even if nobody else notices? Leave it in a comment and I’ll add them in another blog post.

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  • Bbkennel

    I could pick out my husband in a crowd…he wears his socks inside out! (most of the time)

  • Yesenia Garibay

    - Replying all to an email and being told I didn’t have to do that on my first day.. haha
    – Taking the elevator down and realizing I could’veĀ taken the stairs (bad habits)
    – Not noticing my coupon was expired and having to pay 20% more than I thought I was going to on a pair of heels (girly problems):)

    Thanks for sharing Jtown .. I’m sure I’ll come up with plenty more as my day progresses!