Missing a Belt Loop and Other Awkward Encounters Part 2

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote a blog about how missing a belt loop is capable of making me feel like the biggest doofus ever, even if nobody else notices or cares. I wanted to share some other scenarios that make me feel just as silly, but first I wanted to share some funny feedback posted in the comments:

“Replying all to an email and being told I didn’t have to do that on my first day.
Taking the elevator down and realizing I could’ve┬átaken the stairs (bad habits).
Not noticing my coupon was expired and having to pay 20% more than I thought I was going to on a pair of heels (girly problems)” – Yesenia
“I could pick out my husband in a crowd…he wears his socks inside out! (most of the time)” – Barbara

Here are some others:

Not being able to find your keys, looking in the window and seeing them on the seat.
Laughing during a conversation with another, looking in the mirror and seeing lunch chill between your teeth.
Making it to class or a meeting late and opening the loudest door on earth, as everyone turns to stare at you.
Being first at a stop light and getting honked at because you weren’t paying attention to the green light.
Texting the wrong person.
Butt dialing someone you haven’t talked to on the phone in over three years.
Talking to a mechanic about the noises your car is making.
Not knowing all of the lyrics to a song.
Starting to sing a song too early, before the lyrics begin.
Walking through a theft detector and having an item you’ve bought beep because it wasn’t properly deactivated.

There are so many other scenarios like this that make us laugh when we look back on them. Can you think of any more?