Congratulations to Katie!

I don’t brag enough about this girl on my blog. I’m sometimes afraid that if I begin a post about her I won’t be able to finish. As deep and as thoughtful my reflections about cancer may be, my appreciation for Katie far exceeds anything I may be able to put on paper. She’s taught me so much about myself, communication, thoughtfulness, love, selflessness, , compassion, trust, and so many other things I once thought I knew and understood. Back in January, I had to ask her to marry me. I would have been a fool not to.

To complete her final semester of grad school this past fall, she set off on a journey to pursue her dreams. She always regretted not going abroad during her undergraduate years, so when she talked to me about going to India, I encouraged her as much as I could. Months later, she finally made the decision to go. When she returned, she was captivated by a different worldview. She overcame incredible challenges, hosted a lifetime of images, and embraced a perspective she would not have otherwise experienced.

In December, she “graduated” from school, but was informed she wouldn’t receive her degree until she completed assignments she was too sick to complete while in India (and suffering from Typhoid). Those long, boring, dull assignments were the bane of her existence for so long, but she finally completed the last one yesterday evening. She is officially finished with that chapter of her life and I couldn’t be more proud of her!

For a few seconds, it made me think about going online and searching for a graduate degree I could buy, or at least seeing if Microsoft Word had a template I could print out. The excitement was almost too much.

She no longer has the dreaded paper looming over her head, which means she has a lot of time to do other things. And when I say other things, I mean share her adventures on my blog (see what I did there?). I’ve been trying to convince her to write a post for some time now (I’m an expert on making things about me – kidding). I’ll have to invade her dreams via Inception while she’s still on cloud 9. Until then, my bragging on her will have to suffice.

Way to go, Katie!! I’m so incredibly proud of you! Your hard work and dedication have been so admirable. I’m grateful to have been here to see the fruit of your efforts. This is just the beginning!

  • Julia

    YAY for Katie! Congrats Sis, am very proud of you! You two crazy kids make a good team!

  • Katie

    Thank you thank you thank you so much sweet darling!!!! You are the best partner in the entire world, and I am so lucky to be marrying you! I can’t wait to see what adventures life will bring us! Love you more than ANYTHING! xoxoxoxoxo