Wedding Table Ideas


This afternoon, Katie and I were sitting on the couch, each with a laptop in our lap, doing completely different things. Like any woman in the year 2012, I was looking at Pinterest. Kidding, Katie was the one looking at Pinterest, among other websites. Her goal was to try and pin down a color scheme for our wedding. After asking for my opinions about many different ideas, she showed me a table centerpiece that looked like a tree. I really liked the centerpiece because it sparked a lot of other ideas.

Since Katie no longer wanted to listen to my ideas, I thought I’d bring them here. My first idea is to have a centerpiece like the picture above, but with a bird’s nest in it. Not just any bird’s nest, but a nest with baby birds inside. I want all of the birds to have on tuxedos and top hats.

Feeding guests would be rude if we didn’t include the birds, so we’ll make the momma bird a baby plate. She can then baby bird the food to the chicks in tuxedos once we give them the sign to break bread. This will drive up the costs a little, but it will be worth it. Pretty soon we’ll be the talk of the town. Best wedding ever.

I can’t wait until my incredible ideas open the door for more of my valuable opinions.

Justin Ozuna


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